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The Power of Partnership, Innovation and Learning

Employability Skills Workshops

As of 03/16/2020, Employability Skills Workshops are cancelled until further notice
Learn the "Top 10" Essential 21st Century Employability Skills!
Ukiah Adult School hosts Employability Skills workshops (ESW) in collaboration with Mendocino Private Industry Council.  The curriculum is an approved California Community Colleges' New World of Work program.
The workshops are meant to help the participants improve their inter-personal and intra-personal skills as well as learn new ones.
Each workshop takes place over a Tuesday and Thursday evening from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm in Ukiah Adult School's Room 2. Participants must attend both days (Tuesday and Thursday) to get a certification on a workshop subject.
No fees are required to attend each workshop. Participants should be at least 18 years old to attend.
The workshops' subjects
  • Adaptability: 01/21/2020 & 01/23/2020
  • Self-awareness: 01/28/2020 & 01/30/2020
  • Digital Fluency: 02/04/2020 & 02/06/2020
  • Communication: 02/11/2020 & 02/13/2020
  • Collaboration: 02/18/2020 & 02/20/2020
  • Empathy: 02/25/2020 & 02/27/2020
  • Analysis/Solution Mindset: 03/03/2020 & 03/05/2020
  • Resilience: 03/10/2020 & 03/12/2020
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: Cancelled until further notice
  • Social Diversity Awareness: Cancelled until further notice
To register for one or multiple workshops, call (707) 467-5900 or go to the website and register or come in to the Adult School office for assistance.
Here are basic descriptions of each workshop (as found on the poster).
- Adaptability: 01/21/2020 & 01/23/2020
Learn what it takes to be tolerant of inevitable changes in the work environment and adapt accordingly.
- Self-awareness: 01/28/2020 & 01/30/2020
Take a look at your transferable skills and strengths that could be applied in seemingly disparate work situations.
- Digital Fluency: 02/04/2020 & 02/06/2020
Digital fluency is the underlying force behind the acute changes in the modern workplace.  Learn how digital technology dictates how workers can collaborate, organize, and communicate remotely.
- Communication: 02/11/2020 & 02/13/2020
Understand the nuances of communication through digital technology, such as e-mail, video conferencing, texting, blogging, and social media,is just as important as face-to-face interactions and group communication.
- Collaboration: 02/18/2020 & 02/20/2020
Understand how to bring value to a collaborative partnership, which includes an understanding of his/her own core skills. In addition to navigating stakeholder needs through collaboration, a thorough understanding of how to best utilize cloud-sharing tools to enhance collaborative work will be necessary.
- Empathy: 02/25/2020 & 02/27/2020
Learn how empathy is at the core of deep and trusted relationships, which will be necessary for successful collaborations.
- Analysis / Solution Mindset: 03/03/2020 & 03/05/2020
A solution mindset will involve workers taking in all factors in a situation, including the human and emotional factors, which might be missed in automated processes.
- Resilience: 03/10/2020 & 03/12/2020
Learn the importance of staying competitive, in a global economy, and the need to capitalize on innovation and creativity, which is often developed through the process of failed projects and re-visioning.
- Entrepreneurial Mindset: Cancelled until further notice
Learn how to recognize opportunities and learn from failure.  Those who cultivate a strong network to tap into for assistance, work opportunities, and mentorship will enjoy a competitive advantage over passive workers.
- Social / Diversity Awareness: Cancelled until further notice
Advances in technology have resulted in unprecedented expansion in virtual teams composed of members from around the globe. Gain some awareness of cultural customs to communicate effectively and create a nurturing and productive team environment.