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LVN Application & Requirements » TEAS Exam Instructions

TEAS Exam Instructions

Our program accepts any ATI exam results that have been taken within the last year.
If you would like to take the exam for free then you must take it in-person at our school during our next application cycle in 2024. Exact dates will be posted at a later date.
***IMPORTANT: Please contact Andria at our front office to sign up for your date and time if you are taking it through our school.
Regardless of where you take the exam you will need to open an ATI account at their website
From that website you will be able to read about the TEAS exam and how to prepare. They have study resources to purchase, although you may find resources on other websites or from prior students.
To create an account click on the “Create Account” button on the top right hand of the page & follow the instructions. If you have a previous ATI account then please use that same account. While it is not mandatory I do suggest adding your school as “Ukiah Adult School” on your ATI account.
What to bring on test day
  • Photo ID: To be admitted to your testing session, you will need to present government-issued photo identification, such a driver’s license, passport, or green card.
    • You will not be admitted to the test if you do not have your ID or if your ID does not meet the following requirements:
      • Government-issued
      • Current photograph
      • Examinee signature
      • Permanent address
      • Please note: a credit card photo, temporary license, or student ID do not meet these criteria.
  • ATI log-in information: If you’re taking an online exam, please bring your ATI log-in information. You will need to create a student account at < prior to test day (this was most likely done during registration) and have your log-in information with you. Test-takers who do NOT have their ATI username and password will not be able to take the exam.
  • You will be allowed a limited time for bathroom breaks. Please keep in mind that food or drink, cellphones, personal items, will not be allowed with you in the testing room. Scratch paper and a calculator will be provided.
***You may take your TEAS exam elsewhere. Please note that exams taken elsewhere may likely  include an exam fee.
If you choose to take your exam through another facility then you can register to take that exam at also now offers testing online from home that is proctored by ATI. Please refer to system requirements and ATI instructions if using this method.